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Take this MTHFR test if you...

Need a methylation test to assess use of B vitamins
Are concerned about methylating issues affecting your mood or headaches
Want to assess how you metabolize folate
Want to better support your child’s development
Have depressed mood or anxious feelings
Have frequent headaches or migraines
Are pregnant or trying to get pregnant
Are concerned about fertility issues or trying to stay pregnant
Want to test your genes for associated mental health issues
Are concerned with your risk for blood clots
Want to know if you could benefit from taking an activated form of folate (vitamin B9) called L-methylfolate
Have concerns for neuropathy or neuropathic pain

How the MTHFR DNA methylation test works

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The MTHFR at home methylation test details

Why MTHFR testing for methylation?
Easy collection
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The MTHFR gene helps folate work or methylate in your body. It also plays a role in making mood neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and others. These neurotransmitters are critical for mental health and regulating your mood.

We test for the 677 and the 1298 variants. The majority of research has focused on the 677 variants, but new emerging studies are beginning to look deeper into the 1298 variants. Depressed mood, depression disorder, and major depression disorder have been associated with the 677 variants of the MTHFR gene.

The MTHFR gene helps regulate an amino acid called homocysteine. High levels can damage blood vessels when elevated and increase your risk for blood clots.

The empowerDX MTHFR Gene Test is the preferred at-home test by the American Pregnancy Association (APA). MTHFR affects folic acid metabolism, which is critical for a healthy pregnancy.

Find out today if you have a variant of this methylation gene.

Why test MTHFR?

MTHFR gene variants are associated with depressed mood, anxious feelings and fertility issues

MTHFR testing and methylation questions?

What is methylation?

In the context of the MTHFR gene, methylation is the activation of certain B vitamins in your body. If you have a genetic variant, previously called a genetic mutation, then your body may be less effective at methylating or activating folate (vitamin B9), B6 (pyridoxine), and B12 (cobalamin). Genetic methylation issues are linked to depressed mood, pregnancy health concerns, and headaches.

When will my kit be delivered?

Your order will be delivered with FedEx Ground within 5 business days. At home tests are shipped Monday – Friday. Make sure to order in advance to avoid possible shipping delays.

How do I collect my sample?

Collect your sample with a simple & painless mouth swab on the inside of your cheek. All from the comfort of your home.

Does this at home MTHFR test require fasting?

Yes! This test requires thirty minutes of fasting. Do not eat, smoke, or drink caffeinated beverages 30 minutes before collection.

How long does my sample last after collection?

You should plan to ship your sample back the same day you collect it. Take your completed kit to a local FedEx drop box before end-of-day pickup to have it overnighted to the lab (Monday – Friday only). FedEx drop boxes do NOT pick up on Saturday or Sunday. empowerDX is not responsible for FedEx shipping delays.

When will I receive my result?

Your at-home MTHFR test results will be available within 5-6 business days of the lab receiving your completed kit. You’ll get an email the moment your results are ready in our secure online portal. View, download and print them anytime, and feel free to share them with your healthcare provider.

Can I order more than one MTHFR test kit?

Absolutely. If you order a kit for someone else, the person who is collecting the sample must create a profile to match the name and date of birth on the collection tube.

PLEASE NOTE: Our genetic tests will be run only ONE TIME per person. If you activate more than one kit under your name, your sample is only processed once.

Can I purchase an MTHFR home test kit for someone else?

Absolutely. The person receiving the gifted kit must use the blank label within the kit when collecting their sample.

How do I activate a kit for my family member or child?

A separate account is required for each family member activating a kit. The sample tube must have the name, date of birth, and date of collection of the family member or child using the kit. This name label must match the account profile when the kit is activated or results will NOT be offered.

How can I tell if my result is heterozygous or homozygous?

If the 2 letters on your lab report match, then the result is homozygous (e.g. C/C or T/T or A/A). If the 2 letters do NOT match, then the result is heterozygous (e.g. C/T or A/C). There are two SNPs of this gene reported (677 and 1298), so each gene can be heterozygous or homozygous.


  • C/C genotype - no variant (homozygous)
  • C/T genotype - one copy of variant (heterozygous)
  • T/T genotype - two copies of variant (homozygous)

MTHFR 1298

  • A/A genotype - no variant (homozygous)
  • A/C genotype - one copy of variant (heterozygous)
  • C/C genotype - two copies of variant (homozygous)
Important information about my lab results

empowerDX lab results are intended for informational and educational purposes only, with the exception of infectious disease testing which is diagnostic. Information from empowerDX is not meant to serve as treatment advice or treatment recommendation for any health condition. We strongly recommend you review lab results with your physician.

Shipping info

The cost of shipping is included in the price. There's no additional charge for shipping your test to your home or office. Every test kit comes with a prepaid return shipping label that should be used to ship the kit back to our laboratories for analysis and reporting. All tests are shipped to you with FedEx Ground unless otherwise specified.

For more shipping information, please visit our Terms of Service page.

Is the empowerDX MTHFR Gene Test supported by the American Pregnancy Association?

Yes, the American Pregnancy Association (APA) has formally endorsed the empowerDX MTHFR Gene Test for testing at home.

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The MTHFR, methylation, and mental health connection

Read physician-reviewed articles that link MTHFR variants to mood issues

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"...this was an easy swab. Shipping was quick...there was a clear user interface to see my results. Would recommend the empowerDX MTHFR test to anyone!"

- Erika

"...this was an easy swab. Shipping was quick...there was a clear user interface to see my results. Would recommend the empowerDX MTHFR test to anyone!"

- Erika

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Accurate results for the 677 and 1298 gene markers.

Secure online portal access from any device at every location.

A 30 min telemedicine consult with a clinician for an additional $99.

How to collect your MTHFR sample

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