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Are at risk for heart disease or have high cholesterol levels

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APOE gene’s full name is Apolipoprotein E genotype. It tells your body how to make the Apolipoprotein E protein (APOE).

When an APOE protein combines with fat, it becomes a lipoprotein. APOE carries cholesterol and other fats through the bloodstream, helping to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

APOE appears to play a role in removing beta-amyloid from the brain. Beta-amyloid proteins clump together in plaques that are thought to be involved in the development of Alzheimer's disease. APOE2 seems to be the best and APOE4 seems to be the worst at this clearing process.

Genetic variations can put you at higher risk for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and heart disease. Knowing your risk can help you make the best choices for your health.

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Is this test an APOE4 test?

The APOE gene has three major variants – APOE2, APOE3, APOE4 – that influence the way your body makes the APOE protein. Evidence from clinical research suggests that APOE4 increases the risk of developing late-onset Alzheimer’s disease, while APOE2 seems to provide protection against dementia. You receive one variant from each parent and your results are displayed as one of these 6 pairs:

  • E2/E2
  • E2/E3
  • E2/E4
  • E3/E3
  • E3/E4
  • E4/E4
How do APOE gene variations occur?

Genes are hereditary. You received one part of the APOE gene from your mom, and the other part from your dad. The pair you received from your parents is your APOE gene variation.

What's in my test kit?

Each kit contains 1 set of instructions, 1 small envelope, 1 plastic tube with a swab inside, 1 biohazard bag, 1 name label sticker, and 1 FedEx Return Pak.

What will my results tell me?

Once you’ve sent your sample back to the lab, we’ll offer your results within 5-6 days. Your results will tell you which variation of the APOE gene you have. Certain variants could increase your risk of getting Alzheimer's or dementia in your lifetime.

How do I use the swab?

The mouth swab is easy! You just swab the inside of both cheeks. It's quick, shallow and painless. Don’t forget to ship your sample the same day you collect it. To ensure stability of the sample, we recommend you collect and ship samples Monday through Thursday only.

Can I order more than one kit?

Absolutely. If you order a kit for someone else, the person who is collecting the sample must create a profile to match the name and date of birth on the collection tube.

PLEASE NOTE: Our genetic tests will be run only ONE TIME per person. If you activate more than one kit under your name, your sample is only processed once.

Important information about my lab results

empowerDX lab results are intended for informational and educational purposes only, with the exception of infectious disease testing which is diagnostic. Information from empowerDX is not meant to serve as treatment advice or treatment recommendation for any health condition. We strongly recommend you review lab results with your physician.

Shipping info

The cost of shipping is included in the price. There's no additional charge for shipping your test to your home or office. Every test kit comes with a prepaid return shipping label that should be used to ship the kit back to our laboratories for analysis and reporting. All tests are shipped to you with FedEx Ground unless otherwise specified.

For more shipping information, please visit our Terms of Service page.

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"...easy to use mouth swab, prepaid return envelope, and fast clear results. I highly recommend the empowerDX APOE Gene Test!"

- Jason

"...easy to use mouth swab, prepaid return envelope, and fast clear results. I highly recommend the empowerDX APOE Gene Test!"

- Jason

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