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Press Conference: First Self-Collected PFAS Exposure™ Blood Test

Press Conference
Jan 21, 2022

Press contacts: Amanda Leesburg 404.218.6578 Becky Peterson 770.367.0321 Read More

‘Forever Chemicals,’ COVID And Results From A New At-Home PFAS Test

CBS Sacramento
Mar 31, 2022

Decades of research link so-called “forever chemicals” to a variety of health concerns ranging from cancers and kidney disease to asthma and weight gain. Read More

At-Home Celiac Disease Genetic Risk Test Released by empowerDX

Inside Precision Medicine
May 9, 2022

To help better diagnose and identify patients at risk of developing the disease, empowerDX today announced the release of the at-home Celiac Risk Gene Test.Read More

COVID-19 Isn’t the Only Condition You Can Test for at Home

Apr 12, 2022

Empower DX’s Mental Vitality DX Kit seemed like a must try. Like the name suggests, the testing kit is designed to “provide insight into your mental vitality” by measuring levels of specific hormones, nutrients, and antibodies.Read More

97% Of Americans Have Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ In Their Blood, Now You Can Test Your Levels At Home

CBS Denver
Jun 6, 2022

Scientists with EmpowerDX have developed a new, first of its kind, at-home test that allows you to test your PFAS blood levels with just a finger prick.Read More

May Is Celiac Awareness Month, Here Are The Domino Effects Of The Disease, And A New Tool To Catch It Early

CBS Denver
May 28, 2022

“You may not have symptoms today, but understanding your risk today may help you a year from now, five years from now, when a symptom presents, you’ll understand what should be on your radar and what shouldn’t,” Dr. Wilkes MD said.Read More


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