At Home Tests for Heart Health Support

Go beyond the standard cholesterol test for your risk of cardiovascular disease

Let's get to the heart of it

We've all heard this scenario - a healthy person with normal heart rate, normal LDL cholesterol, normal HDL cholesterol, and no history of heart disease suddenly has a heart attack or a stroke. But what we don't always hear is if that person had underlying risks for cardiovascular disease, hidden inflammation, or a blood clot. Did they experience any heart attack symptoms or stroke symptoms before the event? Could they have known their risks beforehand?

At empowerDX, we worked closely with our lab partners to bring home tests straight to your door that aggressively look for risks of heart disease. These include unique markers like lipoprotein a, factor v leiden, hs CRP, homocysteine, EPA, DHA, and omega 3.

Test now for underlying heart health risks and discover what may or could affect you in the future.

Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a heart attack. - CDC

If you notice the heart attack symptoms in yourself or someone else, call 911 immediately.

Why empowerDX health testing?

Easy collection

Easy home specimen collection (nasal swab, finger prick, urine, mouth swab)

Affordable cost

Prices include biomarkers, kit components, HIPAA portal, & all shipping

For everyone

Direct access to testing in all 50 states, including tests for ages 6 months and up

CLIA certified

CLIA certified & CAP accredited US labs with 143 collective years of business experience

Top security

Results reporting sent directly to you using a HIPAA compliant portal

Cutting edge

Bringing you brand new testing methods, unique biomarkers, & self-collection devices


Creating products that matter - based on medical standards of care & peer-reviewed emerging evidence

Lab network

General & proprietary tests from our specialty lab partners & overseas network


FDA-authorization for all COVID-19 clinical testing (EUA)