empowerDX, Peekaboo, SpermCheck Affiliate Marketing Program

Make commission on every referred purchase across 3 sites. Products retail from $69-$499 per test.

Sell 20+ self-collected health tests to grow your brand

Welcome to the empowerDX + Peekaboo + SpermCheck affiliate marketing program

Make digital referrals to empowerDX at-home health tests, Peekaboo Early Gender DNA Tests, and SpermCheck Fertility/Vasectomy, and make a commission for every test purchased within 30 days using custom links and branded creative.

If approved, then your digital platforms can leverage our product graphics and specified copy on all pages and profiles to increase your revenue, improve your credibility and expand your product portfolio.

Recommended referral placements:

  • Your website and blog
  • Your email campaigns
  • Your Instagram linktree
  • Your Facebook page and posts
  • Your Twitter profile and posts
  • Your Pinterest pins

Explore our home health tests

All products are available for affiliate commission (Peekaboo and SpermCheck products are included but not shown here)

Vitamin D Test


CoQ10 (Antioxidant) Test


At-Home MTHFR Gene Test For Methylation


APOE Gene Test


Omega DX Fatty Acid Balance Test


Vitamin B12 + Folate Test


Advanced Thyroid Test


Thyroid Test


Women's Hormones Test


Men's Hormones Test


Testosterone Test


Premium Heart Health Test


cholesterol DX


Mental Vitality At-Home Test


Bacterial Vaginosis Test


Diabetes Risk (HbA1c) Test


Inflammation (hs-CRP) Test


Peekaboo™ Early Gender Reveal DNA Test | Home Collected


Celiac Risk Gene Test (HLA)


Factor V & Prothrombin Gene Test


Ixcela Gut Health Test


Lp(a) - Lipoprotein(a) Test


Glyphosate Home Test Kit (2-Pack)


PFAS Exposure™ Blood Test


Affiliate marketing program details


This CJ affiliate program includes empowerdxlab.com, PeekabooGenderTest.com, and SpermCheck.com. All products across the 3 websites are available for commission.

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This CJ affiliate program includes empowerdxlab.com, PeekabooGenderTest.com, and SpermCheck.com. All products across the 3 websites are available for commission.

How our health tests work

Customers get the health answers they deserve with just a few clicks


Order online

Customers follow your custom links and purchase one of our 20+ at home health tests on our website and you make a commission.


Collect at home

Samples are collected at home with a simple mouth swab, finger prick or urine collection and shipped to our CLIA certified labs.


Get results

Accurate results are offered on our secure, online portal within 1-10 business days. Turnaround time varies per health test.

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Frequently asked questions

What products are commissionable?

All empowerDX + Peekaboo + SpermCheck products are included in the Affiliate Program.

  1. Advanced Thyroid Test (6 biomarkers)
  2. APOE Gene Test (Alzheimer's & dementia risk)
  3. Bacterial Vaginosis Test (5 biomarkers to know if you have BV)
  4. Celiac Risk Gene Test (rule out celiac with >99% certainty)
  5. cholesterol DX (5 markers on the making and absorption of cholesterol)
  6. CoQ10 (Antioxidant) Test
  7. Diabetes Risk (HbA1c) Test (3 month average of blood sugar)
  8. Factor V & Prothrombin Gene Test (blood clot risk factors)
  9. Glyphosate Home Collection Kit (2-Pack)
  10. Inflammation (hs-CRP) Test
  11. Ixcela Gut Health Test
  12. Lp(a) - Lipoprotein(a) Test (heart attack risk)
  13. Men's Hormones Test (3 biomarkers)
  14. mental vitality DX (11 biomarkers)
  15. MTHFR Gene Test
  16. omega DX (14 biomarkers)
  17. PFAS Exposure Blood Test
  18. Premium Heart Health Test (10 biomarkers)
  19. Testosterone Test
  20. Thyroid Test (4 biomarkers)
  21. Vitamin B12 + Folate (B9)
  22. Vitamin D Test
  23. Women's Hormones Test (6 biomarkers)
  24. Peekaboo Early Gender DNA Test
  25. SpermCheck Fertility
  26. SpermCheck Vasectomy
What is an affiliate referral period?

An affiliate referral period is the time window between referral link clicks and empowerdxlab.com website purchases where you are eligible for a commission. If a visitor to your website or social media or email clicks your custom affiliate link, explores the empowerDX website, then makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking that link, then you earn money on that purchase.

Note: the 30-day time period is reset every time the visitor clicks another link on your website. The longer this "cache", the longer you have to make the commission you deserve.

Are commissions only paid after customers return kits to the lab?

Absolutely not! Commissions are made at the point of purchase on empowerdxlab.com. If customers decide not to use their kits and not to send their kits to the lab, then affiliate commissions are still paid.

Can I use my custom affiliate links on multiple websites?

Of course! As long as the empowerDX team has approved ALL of the websites you plan to serve for affiliate commissions.

Am I eligible for your affiliate program?

If you have a website, or a Instagram account, or an email newsletter, or all of the above, then you're eligible.

How do I apply?

You can apply to the empowerDX Affiliate Marketing Program by clicking one of the buttons at the top of the page or following this link: https://signup.cj.com/member/signup/publisher/?cid=6031771#/branded.

What websites can I make referrals to?

The websites included in this free CJ affiliate contract are:

  1. empowerdxlab.com
  2. PeekabooGenderTest.com
  3. SpermCheck.com

Spartan + empowerDX

LPGA + empowerDX